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1/2" Starfire Reflective

Starfire Reflective 1.jpg - 1/2\" Starfire Reflective
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1/2" Starfire Reflective
Our Price:$6.50
Starfire Reflective 2.jpg - 1/2" Starfire Reflective

1/2" STARFIRE REFLECTIVE FIRE GLASS breeds elegant and sophisticated look that is perfect for indoor and outdoor setting. Starfire Reflective Fire Glass creates a unique look of sparkling diamonds where flame can dance around. Whether it is light up in the daytime or in the evening, Starfire Reflective Fire Glass's shiny color will leave you in awe.

Fireplace glass and Fire pit glass can be used for indoor and outdoor setting and are available in wide variety of colors that will match your taste and specifications. All fire glass is inspected by highly trained professionals to ensure that customers get their full satisfaction on the products’ spotless performance and glamorous appearance.


Product Weight: 1lb.